Mark S Workshop Gallery 2018

This gallery is from a workshop participant: Mark Stahl

Photos from May 19-23

This gallery and other galleries of persons who attended workshops are intended to show results. For every image, copyright is that of the owner of the image. My use of the small jpeg from each selected raw image is for this gallery only.

Male Cape May Warbler

Male Cape May Warbler 2

Male Black-throated Green Warbler

Male Palm Warbler

Male Magnolia Warbler

Male Magnolia Warbler

Male Northern Parula Warbler

Male Black and White Warbler

Male Pine Warbler

Northern Waterthrush

Male Blackburnian Warbler

Male Yellow-rumped Warbler

Male Nashville Warbler

Hermit Thrush

Male Bay-breasted Warbler

Male Wilson’s Warbler

During the first workshop, May 19-23, there is a better chance of migrant flocks along the North Lake Huron shore, and if they are present participants have a better chance to photograph migrant females (as Mark did – below).

Female Blackburnian Warbler

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler