The Beautiful Storm

The Bold Point

Lake Superior Shelf Shoreline

Agate Wall

Rust Rock Cove

Miner’s Cave Passage

Cave Art

Candy Caves

Mud Lake in Fall

Storm Clouds Over Snowy Sun Lit Treeline

Ice Pillars Archway

Nebular Ice (view up a frozen waterfall)

Northern Lake Huron Peninsula Tip in Winter

Frozen Falls

Creek of Doom

Glowing Ice Curtains

Cave Ceiling Ice Spikes

Icicle Dips – Lake Huron Shoreline

Wetmore Pond in Fall

Canyon Falls in Fall

Fall Waishkey River Reflection

Golden River Detail

Beavertail Cove Sunrise

Lily Pad Lake Reflection

Presque Isle River in Fall

Pictured Rocks Wave Circle

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline Puddles

Fall Evening Swamp Reflection

Tamarack Creek Snow

Lake Huron Shoreline First Snow

Lone Spruce

Quarry Creek Pre-sunrise

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline Pool

Fractured Clouds Fall Pond Reflection

Lake Huron Beach Feeder Spring

Whitewater Rush

Prentis Creek First Snow

Storm Front

Pickford Hay Field

Hadley’s Island Sunset

Lake Huron Morning Blend

Beaver Pond

Sturgeon River Gorge

Atlantis Bound – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Tamarack Pond Reflection

Snow Fall Color Reflection

Lake Huron Winter Dune Tree

Lake Huron Winter Wind

Fall Forest First Snow

Lily Pad Pond Snow Reflection

Fall Cedar Trunks

Lake Huron Lake Effect Clouds

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline Bedrock

Blood Cove

Window Wall

Gull Beach

Drip Line

Miner’s Playground

Cloudy Fall Pond Reflection

Scott Falls After Rain

Lake Superior Beach Waterline

Conglomerate Falls

Porcupine Mountains Carp River

Black River Flood Zone Lumber

Fall Beaver Pond at Dusk

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline Bedrock 2

Rainbow Falls Top View in Fall

Sunrise Fall Pond Reflection

Sturgeon River Gorge 2

Tamarack Pond First Snow

Charlotte River First Snow

Sunset Wave

Storm Sunset

Scotty’s Creek First Snow

Scotty’s Creek North

Lake Huron Feeder Spring 2

Lake Huron Feeder Spring 3

Alger County Fall Lake Reflection

Union River – Bonanza Falls Area

Beavertail Cove Sunrise 2

Lake Plumbago Steamy Sunrise

Lake Superior Tannin Wave

Munuscong Pothole

Beavertail Bay Sunset

Browse Line

Storm Clouds Over Smartweed

Beauty Perseveres

Winter Wave

First Day of Spring in Michigan’s U.P.

Surface Steam

Fall River Gorge

Lake Huron Sunrise Wave

Fall Creek Reflection

Forest Pool – Apparent Transparency

Storm Sculpture

Organic Farm

Hay Bales