Gallery 4



Common Loon – 2 chicks on mom’s back (click for larger image)

Male Bay-breasted Warbler – late summer

Northern Parula – late summer

Magnolia Warbler – late summer

Chestnut-sided Warbler – late summer

Male Wilsons Warbler – late summer

Female Hatch Year Black-throated Blue Warbler – late summer

Northern Waterthrush – late summer

Nashville Warbler – late summer

Orange-crowned Warbler – early fall

Female Canada Warbler – late summer

Male Black and White Warbler – late summer

Philadelphia Vireo – late summer

Blue-headed Vireo – late summer

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Common Merganser Pair

Male Snowy Owl on Post

Male Red-breasted Merganser (click for larger image)

Upland Sandpiper (click for larger image)

Horned Grebe in Winter

Northern Harrier Nestlings (and non-viable egg)

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher in Eastern Redbud

Male Mourning Warbler in Aspen Sapling

Sleeping Marbled Godwits

White-tailed Deer in Snowstorm

Rough-legged Hawk in Fall Color

Male Indigo Bunting (click for larger image)

Running Male Common Merganser

Sharp-tailed Grouse Fight Dance

Worm-eating Warbler

Male Mallard Duck Fall Flight

Solitary Sandpiper

Female Common Loon – 2 chicks riding (click for larger image)

Male Tennessee Warbler

Hawk Owl with Meadow Vole

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Male Snowy Owl Snow Flight (click for larger image)

Barred Owl with Crayfish

Bald Eagles Fighting

Male Pine Warbler in Spruce Cones

Common Merganser Chicks

Male Northern Parula

Male American Kestrel Landing

Male Magnolia Warbler on Spruce Cones

Woodcock Snow Walking

White-eyed Vireo

Male Mandarin Duck

Male Northern Harrier with Vole

Grey Jay in Cedar

Male Red-breasted Merganser Display

Coyote in Snow

Piping Plover on Lake Superior Beach

Male Three-toed Woodpecker

Female Golden-winged Warbler

Chinook Salmon in Rapids

Male Snowy Owl on Hay Bale

Male Goldeneye Head Up Display

Rough-legged Hawk (light phase) Hunting from Hay Bale

Male Mourning Warbler in Black Spruce (click for larger image)

Red-breasted Merganser Pair Flight

Red-tailed Hawk Rufous Morph (Whitefish Point migrant)