Gallery 3



Male Pileated Woodpecker (click for larger image)

Evening Grosbeaks on Spruce (click for larger image)

American Bittern

Piping Plover on Lake Superior Beach (click for larger image)

Male Cape May Warbler Gathering Spruce Budworms – 6x (click for larger image)

Common Loon Wings Spread – back view

Brown Creeper at nest (click for larger image)

Hairy Woodpecker Nest (click for larger image)

Common Merganser Pair (click for larger image)

Male Magnolia Gathering Worms

Beavertail Otters 3

Male Black and White Warbler Eating Spider Eggs (click for larger image)

Upland Sandpiper Landing (click for larger image)

“Horned” Male Bufflehead (click for larger image)

Sharp-tailed Grouse Flare Landing (click for larger image)

Male Red-breasted Nuthatch (click for larger image)

Bufflehead Dive (click for larger image)

Male Wilson’s Warbler

Boreal Owl

Adult Spring Male Redstart (click for larger image)

Beavertail Mink Stare

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler

Male Hooded Merganser Running Takeoff (click for larger image)

Male Wilson’s Warbler in Tamarack

Common Loon with Chick (click for larger image)

Pacific Pygmy Owl (click for larger image)

Female Kestrel Hover Stare

Male Kestrel at Nest (click for larger image)

Male Common Merganser with Fish

European Dipper (click for larger image)

Rough-legged hawk (dark phase) (click for larger image)

Male Mourning Warbler

Woodcock Nonincognito

Male Blackburnian Warbler in Spruce Cage

Least Grebe

Short-eared Owl (click for larger image)

Male Connecticut Warbler

Peregrine Falcon with Prey

Male Kirtland’s Warbler

Wide-eyed Snowy Owl

Common Redpoll Feeding on Dried Goldenrod

Northern Shrike (immature)

Great Blue Heron Marsh Flight

Male Hooded Merganser with Perch

Male Nashville Warbler in Flowering Maple

Sharp-shinned Hawk Flight

Blackpoll Warbler (late summer)

Male Bufflehead Flapping

Red-tailed Hawk Illuminated by Snow Reflection

Male Cape May Warbler in Spruce Cones

Hawk Owl on Farm Field Post

Solitary Sandpiper at Natural Spring

Canada Goose Nest

Male Northern Parula

LeConte’s Sparrow

Long-tailed Duck Pair Flight

House Wren at Cavity Nest

Burrowing Owl

Male Common Goldeneye Head Back Display

Barred Owl after snow storm

Magnolia Warbler (late summer)