Gallery 2



Male Long-tailed Duck in Reeds (click for larger image)

Pileated Woodpecker Brothers

Female White-winged Scoter (click for larger image)

Male Magnolia Warbler on Moss (click for larger image)

Beavertail Otters 2 (click for larger image)

American Bittern Over Flooded Marsh (click for larger image)

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler on Black Spruce

Lesser Yellowlegs in Flooded Field (click for larger image)

Wood Thrush

Male Red-breasted Mergansers Chase

Dark Phase Rough-legged Hawk

Northern Waterthrush (click for larger image)

Adult Sharp-shinned Hawk Flight (click for larger image)

First Spring Female American Redstart (click for larger image)

Hooded Mergansers

Brown Creeper

Barred Owl Rising

Male Brewster’s Warbler (click for larger image)

Male Bufflehead Skiing Stop (click for larger image)

Male Black-backed Woodpecker

Male Wilson’s Warbler (click for larger image)

Snowy Owl Hay Field Flight

Blue-winged Warbler

Fox Yawn

Common Merganser Family Morning Shoreline Swim

Long-tailed Duck Courtship

Male Yellow-rumped Warbler

Merlin Flight

Male Virginia Rail

Black Tern Marsh Landing

Smiling Snowy Owl (click for larger image)

Magnolia Warbler (late summer)

Male Hooded Merganser with Crayfish

Young Buck in Snow

Sharp-shinned Hawk Riding Thermals

Male Bay-breasted Warbler (spring)

Male Bay-breasted Warbler  (late summer)

Running Common Loon

Male American Kestrel Flight Stare (click for larger image)

Immature Northern Shrike

Sandhill Crane Flight Calling

Male Black and White Warbler (non-breeding plumage)

Long-eared Owl

Bald Eagle Attack

Male Long-tailed Duck Splash Landing (click for larger image)

Sharp-tailed Grouse Fighting Grace

Female Northern Parula

Male Red-breasted Merganser Display

Kentucky Warbler

Great Grey Owl Snow Flight