Fall Color Trip to Michigan’s Central and Western Upper Peninsula


Fall Color and Snow Lake Reflection

In Early October my wife, Giuliana, and I took a fall color trip to the west of our location in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.  We headed to Alger County.  Upon looking at the forecast we left a day early for the possibility of capturing fall color snow scenes. We arrived in the afternoon and scouted inland lakes south of Munising until dark.  The forecast for the next morning predicted calm winds, so reflection images were a good possibility.  Everything came together and the image above, as well as others below, made for a memorable morning. By 11 am all of the snow had melted.

Pictured Rocks Wave Trap

On a windy day, we visited the Pictured Rocks. In the image above a large wave had rolled into the inclined rocky shoreline and receded into another incoming wave.

Fall Evening Magical Swamp

On this trip we did a lot of walking and poking around forest roads, finding this swamp in Baraga County on a calm evening.

Beauty Perseveres

While walking a path high along the bank of a river gorge we found this improbable scene of a glowing maple sapling.

Fall Pond Reflection

We found this at mid-day with calm winds.

Canyon Falls in Fall

A well-known roadside falls, with tannin-rich waters from recent rain.

Fall Alger County Lake Reflection

Rolling fog close to the surface of the water added to this scene on a cold morning.

River Gorge

Beaver Pond in Fall

I did not know this was an active beaver pond until the beaver swam into this scene – that image is further below.

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline 1

Fall Creek Reflection

Fall Forest Cedar Trunks

Lake Superior Fall Shoreline 2

Fall Snowy Creek

Alger County Fall Lake Reflection

Beaver in Fall Color

Lake Superior Rock Beach and Waves

Fall Lake and Log Reflection

Fall River Logjam

Fall Snowy Forest Edge 1

Pictured Rocks Wave Trap 2

Alger County Fall Lake Reflection 2

River Gorge 2

Fox River Fall Color

Note the Canada Goose entering the image – lower right.

River Mouth Tannin Waves

Tannin-rich river water from recent rain entering Lake Superior, with aquamarine water beyond the waves.

Fall Snowy Forest Edge 2

Fall Male Northern Harrier

On the way home, this bird flew right at our van while hunting a hayfield.  It veered at the moment of this image. I had the 600mm lens and Canon 7D Mark 2 at the ready in my van. The bird flew into a wind, which made holding my combo at 960mm easier.

Giuliana on our first morning of the trip.