D Slikkers Workshop Gallery 2020

David Slikkers attended the May 25-29 workshop and came up for a few days prior to the regular workshops, since he lives not too far away. He was using Canon equipment: Canon 1Dx Mark 3, Canon F4 600mm IS iii lens, sturdy tripod and gimbal-style head, Canon 1.4x iii extender. His enthusiasm, concentration, and ability to learn and adapt make it a pleasure to work with him. I am proud to showcase his very impressive results.

Male Blackburnian Warbler Singing

American Bittern Jump Takeoff

Male Cape May Warbler in Spruce Cones

Male Canada Warbler

Female Blackburnian Warbler

Male Bobolink in Flowering Crabapple

Male Black and White Warbler Singing

Male Kirtland’s Warbler

Male Black-throated Green Warbler

Male Blackburnian Warbler in Cedar Cones

Male Chestnut-sided Warbler

Clay-colored Sparrow

Female Northern Parula

Blue-headed Vireo

Female Bay-breasted Warbler

Male Black and White Warbler

Female Black-throated Green Warbler

Common Loon

Female Canada Warbler

Male Black-throated Green Warbler

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler

Male Blackburnian Warbler

American Bittern Flight

Female American Redstart

Male Magnolia Warbler in Spruce Cones

Winter Wren

Male American Redstart

Male Palm Warbler

Male Yellow Warbler

Pied-billed Grebe

Male Nashville Warbler

Male Northern Parula

Male Pine Warbler

Male Wilson’s Warbler

Warbling Vireo

Northern Waterthrush